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Winter Market |   Jan 24 – Jan 28, 2021

Textile Trends with Valdese Weavers

Textile trends, often derived from the fashion industry, dictate the direction of upcoming styles in upholstery and other furniture categories. See what looks are on tap this season from Valdese Weavers.

Valdese Weavers

Valdese WeaversShades of White


In many cultures, white is the color associated with perfection, truthfulness, cleanliness and purity. In the home, white also lends itself to comfort and versatility whether it is a cool, silvery, shimmery bright white or a warm winter creamy ivory.

Valdese Weavers

Valdese WeaversMuscadine


Muscadine, a purplish plumy red, is a shade that can be softened to a pale rose color or be a saturated and succulent as grapes ripened on the vine. There is a warmth to these variations that pairs well with linen and taupe.

Valdese Weavers

Valdese WeaversGreenish Gray Blues


Soft greenish gray blues are muted and tranquil. They can evoke memories of a misty morning mountain lake, of the sea foam crashing on the sand or of a smoky, stormy sky just before the rain. They are classic and sophisticated shades whether paired with modern golds or more traditional cooler neutrals.

Valdese Weavers

Valdese WeaversDarkened Teal Blues


A concentrated mix of darkened blue and green creates a rich, luxurious, sophisticated and moody shade. It is worldly, regal, bold and distinguished. This is a shade that can make a big and bold statement when paired with white, gold or a range of neutrals. Accents colors pop alongside this glamourous range of darkened teal blues.

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