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Summer Market | New Dates   Aug 30 – Sept 3

Best of the West in Design, Laura Umansky

Ready to meet the Best of the West? We’ve got them at Las Vegas Market! We’ve rounded up a brand new group of the best and brightest in interior design and photography and are looking forward to an engaging panel discussion with them on what’s new in “West Coast Style”! As a sneak preview of what’s to come, we checked in with each of our Best of the West influencers to see what West Coast style means to them, and what trends they’re most looking forward to exploring in 2019. Read on for features highlighting each of our panelists, and don’t forget to catch the Best of the West panel at market for even more in-depth discussion. We’ll see you at market!

Laura Umansky is an award-winning interior designer best known for her “classically current” luxury interiors. Her design philosophy honors the personal joys and unique collections of every client, creating curated homes that are authentic reflections of their passions and interests. Based in Houston, Laura has been featured by numerous media outlets, including Architectural Digest, Domino, Modern Luxury Houston, Veranda, Martha Stewart Magazine, and Luxe Interiors.

West Coast Style is… “Organic, relaxed, elevated.”

Design by Laura Umansky

Laura's "West Coast Style" in Four Pieces


  • Clean-lined lounge chair
  • Organic shaped mirror in plaster frame
  • Rattan lighting fixture
  • Textured wool/silk blend rug

Upcoming Trends She’s Eyeing at Market


RATTAN, lots of rattan. Especially on the West Coast. I love the pastel wash of jewel tones right now, especially mauve and olive green. I am very into the curved upholstery, I think that will be a huge trend.

Favorite Timeless Trend


The use of neutral colors for sure! I always like to pop in deeper hues. I think that is a very timeless way to approach an interior.

Design by Laura Umansky


Top Four Materials for Next Season


  • Plaster
  • Natural nubby silk
  • German silver
  • Limestone

Top Four Colors for Next Season


I love these 4 from Benjamin Moore:

Product Picks


Laura Umansky - Product Picks

1. Rattan and Rope Lighting Currey & Company, C398, Ibiza Chandelier
2. Limestone Global Views, A153, Equus Wall Vase-Limestone Finish
3. Curved Upholstery Arteriors, C379, Springsteen Chair Flint Velvet Champagne Swivel
4. Pastel Jewel Tones Feizy Rugs, C180, Fine Wool And Silk 000198849 18’-6” X 12’ 

Design by Laura Umansky

Best Thing About the Las Vegas Market Experience


It is really convenient and very well organized. I can hit all of the showrooms in just a matter of days. With only 3 buildings, it is very concentrated and easy for me to get to. Plus, it’s just a 2 hour flight so that is super simple! But maybe my favorite is that there is so much to do after market. We get so much inspiration not only at the market but after, with all the beautiful hotels and restaurants, all decked out in different yet equally gorgeous styles.

Favorite Find at Las Vegas Market


One year, I found these beautiful stone sculptures from Blue Ocean Traders in the Pavilions. They had a collection of gorgeous natural stone, and so I stocked up. We still have some in inventory, lots of marble and crystal. We bought, like, 30!

Design by Laura Umanksy

How Important is it to See Items in Person?


It’s extremely important. Our team goes to market once a year; the senior team goes to Vegas. It is incredibly important for us to see and feel and gauge the scale of products. Things are so different in person so, yes, it’s imperative! You must sit in things. Our clients rely on us to find the perfect pieces without them ever sitting in it. It’s up to us to know that “yes, that is a very comfortable piece,” and feel absolutely confident in that assessment.

Shopping List or No List?


Sometimes. It depends on why I am going. I prefer to go with no list and take everything in as I go.

Design by Laura Umansky

Market Shopping Tips for First-Timers


If you are planning to buy, make a plan and make appointments in advance. Your reps may not be able to spend as much time as you need them to if you do not have an appointment–it can just be so busy! For Vegas, I probably will not set more than 2 appointments so I can walk freely and really let objects catch my eye. But we have set appointments every 30 minutes with the team.

Favorite Places to Stay/Dine in Las Vegas


I love all the restaurants. Momofuku is really good every time! I usually go to one good steak house. I am not really a “go to a show person,” and I like to gamble a little but not much anymore–I really enjoy the restaurant scene more. I love the Mandarin and the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. The Chandelier Bar is great for people watching!

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