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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

The Best Story Is the One You Don’t Need to Tell

Angela Harris, TRIOAngela Harris


Angela Harris is the founder, principal, and creative director of full-service interior design and merchandising firm, TRIO. One of the most highly-regarded, fastest growing design and visual merchandising firms in the nation, and TRIO is an international leader in creative, market-driven design.

TRIO prides itself on being capable of providing anything from color palette selection to full interior design and merchandising of multi-million dollar projects. Their expertise in sustainable design, wellness, and merchandising brings a unique balance of understanding the technical, marketing, and aesthetically pleasing design aspects of multifamily and production building.

My favorite part about being a designer is telling a story through unexpected design. Using interiors as a way to connect and captivate an audience whether it is a homeowner or a wanderlust traveler. In the hospitality industry, it is important to tell the story in a way that lets the audience be the character of their own narrative. By doing this, you have sparked an emotion that pulls them in and to a place they can resonate with - a place that they will want to visit over and over again.

It is essential to find new and exciting products, including furniture, accessories, lighting, fabrics, wall décor, etc. to continue to create new, exciting and current stories. What better to visit than Las Vegas to find inspiring unexpected design as well as create memories that build stories in combination with the summer Las Vegas Market. Market is literally every designers dream with floors and floors and floors of eye candy, but as a reminder, this market is not for the faint hearted as there is a lot to see and a lot of ground to cover. But we can guarantee that you will leave with new friends, new partners, new inspiration and a lot of new ideas!

Some of our favorites that are really hitting the mark in terms of being unique, suitable for hospitality projects and that tell a story are:

Noir Furniture, C399

Noir FurnitureNoir’s designers’ intentions are to create affordable handcrafted furniture that can last for generations. Noir’s goal is to make furniture that is uniquely beautiful, useful, and environmentally friendly.  Noir’s showroom featured gold, black, and white creating drama that’s right in line with the current trend. We loved the decorative accent pieces that are edgy but appeal to a wide range of tastes and style.  We also loved that their furniture and accessories can transition between design styles from classic to modern and everything in between.

Phillips Collection, A202

Angela Harris for Phillips CollectionWe launched our first collaboration with the Phillips Collection at this market. Our intention was to create products that include the perfect balance of artistic expression, authenticity, and finding beauty in natural forms.  One of the biggest trends in the hospitality industry is using nature as an inspiration.  This trend is not going away and nobody does it better than the Phillips Collection as they transform the unpredictable beauty of nature into an element of design. They seek out the perfectly imperfect, turning discarded wood into astonishingly beautiful furniture.

Selamat Designs, C301

Selamat DesignsSelamat is always a favorite of ours and speaks to a more bohemian design aesthetic that is so on point with some of the most trendy hospitality projects. Selamat was born with the idea to make use of the vast quantities of wood offcuts- left over after production of large pieces of furniture in Indonesia. The offcuts were utilized to make a stylish group of office and home accessories that launched Selamat Designs. We love the fact that they use sustainable materials which ties in with TRIO’s wellness mission while being innovative and functional.

Pacific Green, C394

Pacific GreenThe Pacific Green story includes influences from traditional indigenous arts. Pieces are carefully handcrafted and made from superior natural materials, including Palmwood®- a sustainable product made from plantation coconut. We went crazy over their combination of natural colors and textures furniture that is impactful and memorable when incorporated into a hospitality setting these furniture pieces to add an extra element of luxury.  

Modway Furniture, B722

ModwayModway’s niche is providing affordable modern furniture in literally every single furniture category.  We love their modern design aesthetic while maintaining a level of comfort and functionality.  It’s good for small spaces, which translates well to urban millennial targeted hotels as room sizes continue to get smaller.  It's easy to find and available at every price point and their shapes are classic as they blend well with everything.

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