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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Compelling Retail Display Ideas

David Perry, Furniture Today
David Perry

Executive editor and mattress writer for Furniture/Today.


Retailers who skipped the summer Las Vegas Market — and shame on them — missed some great new retail display and merchandising ideas in mattress and sleep accessory showrooms.

While it’s true that the limited slate of bedding introductions in the summer doesn’t come close to the blitz of introductions unleased in January, the summer market does provide a great opportunity for retailers to look beyond product specifications and to search for better ways to display and sell their products.

BedgearBedgear unveiled a remodeled showroom that was full of colorful products and compelling display programs. The producer devoted an entire room, replete with product kiosks, to its new M3 Launchpad, which it positions as “the world’s first Modular Performance Sleep System,” one that is engineered for personalization.

Bedgear is consistently pushing the envelope every market with a brand-new showroom design and new products as a true testament to the innovation behind the scenes, which drives our team’s desire to strive for more every day,” Eugene Alletto, Bedgear’s CEO, told Furniture Today. “It’s incredibly rewarding to bring the M3 to market as the next generation of personalization and practicality that our industry needs and consumers crave.”

Protect-A-BedAnother eye-catching showroom presentation was at Protect-A-Bed, which featured its REM-Fit gallery program, its SleepTailor diagnostic pillow system, its Zeeq Smart pillows, and a Zero G, app-controlled adjustable base, in addition to its many other lines.

Protect-A-Bed is working hard to help its retailers “Grow the Basket,” by making sleep accessories an integral part of their bedding programs. In this traffic-challenged climate, that program is more important than ever.

ReverieReverie highlighted its Sleep Coach program, which offers personalized sleep advice based on the consumer’s sleeping profile. (I took the screener test and discovered, alas, that my sleep needs some work. Sleep Coach Rachel has volunteered to help me get my sleep act in better order.)

Sleep Coach doesn’t take up retail space, but it does let retailers build relationships with their customers by offering customized sleep help. This is what retailers should be doing: Selling better sleep.

Advanced Sleep TechnologiesAdvanced Sleep Technologies offers a robust virtual reality sales experience, one that features a fun and informative journey through its mattresses. Call this a bedding roller coaster ride, one that makes an exciting case for the company’s high-tech mattresses.

I chilled out in the Blu Sleep showroom, which was set up like a soothing sleep spa, with clean colors, colorful and comfy pillows, and relaxing music. That would be a powerful way to sell sleep accessories in retail showrooms.

Kudos to these bedding exhibitors for bringing exciting display ideas and products to their Las Vegas Market showrooms.

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