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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Best of the West in Design, Ryan Garvin

Summer is here, and the Best of the West are all headed to Las Vegas Market! We've rounded up seven of the best and brightest in interior design and photography and are looking forward to a lively panel discussion with them on what's new in "West Coast Style"! As a sneak preview of what's to come, we checked in with each of our Best of the West influencers to see what West Coast style means to them, and what trends they're most looking forward to exploring this summer and beyond. Read on for insight from our panelists, and don't forget to catch the Best of the West panel for even more discussion. We'll see you at market!

Ryan Garvin is a California native who spent his formative years in the beautiful state of Colorado. He began his notable photography career a decade ago, and pays special attention to horizontal and vertical lines with his work, seeking out natural light and interesting and thoughtful details at each shoot. Ryan’s work can be seen in notable print and web publications, ranging from Elle Decor to Traditional Home, as well as in the portfolios and Instagram feeds of countless top interior designers.

Ryan’s Signature West Coast Style

Ryan Garvin

"To me, West Coast style is a no-holds-barred eclectic blend of all design styles. In California you’ll see it most, with sleek coastal modern homes next door to trendy coastal ranch style homes, and then a bespoke traditional Eastern seaboard home, with a quaint Spanish style home across the street from that. I personally love the variety, and given that a solid 75% of my work is on the West Coast, it really is a lot of fun to have something different at each shoot in the West Coast region!"

Ryan Garvin

Ryan's "West Coast Style" in Four Pieces

  • Oversized Belgian linen sofa
  • Concrete coffee table (with plenty of coffee table books!)
  • A huge Gray Malin beach photo
  • Mid-century bar cart (fully stocked of course!)


Ryan Garvin

Quick Tips for Designers on Working with Photographers

For staging photoshoots, a few quick tips: I recommend having things on hand that can play a utility role. Florals like hydrangeas, peonies, and eucalyptus are all good options. Items such as coffee table books, cookbooks, beads, trays, and clean candles are great for tables, shelves or counter spaces. Of course, consider the aesthetic of the space you’ve designed when choosing which type of props to bring in! Branding is super important and that ties in to photography in the sense that photos are your brand on web and social. The quality of the content you are putting out there often correlates to the quality (and even quantity) of clients you’ll have. Collaborating with a talented photographer can be a really critical move, especially early on for those aspiring or up & coming designers as they establish a portfolio.

What He’s Most Looking Forward to at Market

"This will be my first time at Las Vegas Market, so I am really looking forward to taking in the experience as a whole and seeing the design industry from a different perspective!"

Ryan Garvin - Product Picks

1. Beach Artwork Leftbank Art, A229, Meet Me There I
2. Belgian Linen Sofa Bassett Furniture, A953, Designer Comfort Exeter Studio Sofa
3. Concrete Coffee Table Moe’s Home Collection, C474, Maxima Coffee Table
4. Bowl of Decorative Moss D&W Silks, B401, Large Moss Ball in Round Concrete Bowl
5. Mid-century Bar Cart Uttermost, B400, Xandra Gold Serving Cart

Ryan Garvin

Upcoming Trends He’s Eyeing at Market

"Light and bright always feels fresh, and makes for a nice canvas with fun tile patterns, statement art and furniture. Tossing out the rule book in regards to what patterns or colors play well with each other is something I have seen a lot of, too. Anything can look beautiful in the right context!"

What Else He’s Looking Forward to in Las Vegas

"I’m grateful to be a part of this, and I am really looking forward to getting to hear about what drives and inspires everyone that I have the chance to meet and talk to. My favorite restaurant in town is also one I have close to home–Javier’s (at Aria)! They have the best margaritas!"

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