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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Best of the West in Design, Caitlin Wilson

Summer is here, and the Best of the West are all headed to Las Vegas Market! We've rounded up seven of the best and brightest in interior design and photography and are looking forward to a lively panel discussion with them on what's new in "West Coast Style"! As a sneak preview of what's to come, we checked in with each of our Best of the West influencers to see what West Coast style means to them, and what trends they're most looking forward to exploring this summer and beyond. Read on for insight from our panelists, and don't forget to catch the Best of the West panel for even more discussion. We'll see you at market!

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Caitlin Wilson grew up with a love for beautiful art and design. She founded Caitlin Wilson Design in 2007 and since then has been featured in numerous publications including Black & White: (and a Bit in Between)by Celerie Kemble, and has designed spaces from San Francisco to the Cayman Islands. Pattern and color relationships form the basis of Caitlin’s design work as well as Caitlin Wilson Textiles, a collection that brings spaces to life in an easy, affordable, and beautiful way.

Caitlin’s Signature West Coast Style

Caitlin Wilson

"To me, West Coast style is grounded in classic design but layered with color. It’s the difference between San Francisco and New York; it’s traditional with a bit of adventure. West Coast style isn’t afraid of color or taking risks."

Caitlin Wilson

Caitlin's "West Coast Style" in Four Pieces

  • Classic stripes
  • White upholstery
  • Layers of art
  • Fresh florals


Caitlin Wilson

Top Four Materials for Next Season

This next season for me is about luxurious textures. I’m even eyeing some silk for draperies! 

  • Plush wool rugs
  • Textured pillows in deep tones
  • Crisp white accents
  • Buttery leather

Top Four Colors for Next Season

  • Bright blue
  • Taupe
  • Chestnut
  • Blush

Caitlin Wilson - Product Picks

1. Crisp White Accents Jamie Young Company, C460, Monty Table Lamp
2. Florals Natural Curiosities, C596A, Pignier Lillies
3. Bright Blue Bungalow 5, C455, Albin Sofa Velvet Cushion Cover, Blue
4. Plush Wool Rugs Safavieh, Inc., A101, SFK920P Rug
5. Classic Stripes Worlds Away, C369, Lyno

Top Four “Must See” Showrooms at Las Vegas Market

Upcoming Trends She’s Eyeing at Market

"I’ll be looking for unique coffee table accessories and art for children’s spaces."

Favorite Find at Las Vegas Market

"I’m loving all the buttery leather I’m seeing. I love to juxtapose feminine patterns with gorgeous leather."

Caitlin Wilson, Best of the West

Favorite Places to Stay/Dine in Las Vegas

"I stay somewhere different every time…the verdict is still out! For a restaurant pick, I love Nobu." 

Market Shopping Tips for First-Timers

"I always bring the catalogs that are sent in the mail with me on the plane, and I tear out all the brands that look new or interesting. Then I go through and make a plan around my appointments to make sure I’m as efficient as possible."

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