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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

AHVRP Product Tour: The Best in Gift

Julie Elliott

Highlighted by Julie Elliott, manager of volunteers at Lakeland Health in St. Joseph, MI and president of Michigan Healthcare Volunteer Resource Professionals. Check out Julie's top picks from Winter Market.

Accent Accessories at Solutions Marketplace, C888

Accent Accessories at Solutions Marketplace
Magic Pantz 

These are a great pair of pants that is so comfortable and pairs easily with a solid color top. One size fits most for easy sizing; ask your sales rep for best-selling styles and colors; tries to keep apparel offered at her hospital gift shop under $40 retail.


Candle Warmers, C1060


Candle Warmers

Flameless Candle Warmers and Diffusers


The essential oil trend has hit hospital gift shops! This is a great company that has a wide variety of diffusers as well as oils to ensure a great display! Unsure whether to commit initially; lavender sells fastest (double or even triple other scents); anything that lights up (sell batteries!) sells non-stop.

DCI at Anne McGilvray, C1078, C1080, C1090


DCI at Anne McGilvray

Dog and Cat Stuffed Pillows


Some of the fun items that go well for gifts are ANY item that has a dog or cat on it! Flamingos and Pineapples are great for winter window displays to "take people to paradise!" Hot sellers = anything dogs and cats, flamingo, pineapple and unicorns!; people love animals and whimsy; popular color trend = iridescent.

Doodle Pants, P1-4092


Doodle Pants

Boys Leggings (Multiple Styles)


You can't walk by these pants without remarking how cute they really are! Great selection, especially for boys! General trend of muted colors for babies, including grey; offers range of cute designs for little boys, along with flexible, gender-neutral options.

Duke Cannon at Fine Lines, C1024, C1023


Duke Cannon at Fine Lines

Big Brick of Men's Soap


This has been a successful gift to purchase for men. They have clever sayings and are a well made product with good value! Clever men's gifts can be elusive, but here are good men’s gifts; clean smell that isn't feminine; "brick" style of soap was used by GIs during the Korean War.

Honestly Margo at Anne McGilvray, C1078, C1080, C1090


Honestly Margo at Anne McGilvray
Bubble Fizz Bath Powder


This is a new spin on the bath bombs rage; instead of the "bomb" the essential oils are packaged loose in a jar for more baths! Aromatherapy and essential oils (the importance of scent) as a general trend; this bath bomb comes packaged in jar and fizzles in the tub.

Hot Sox at Fine Lines, C1024, C1023


Hot Sox at Fine Lines

Themed Novelty Socks


Socks, socks and more socks! They are a great pick-me-up gift or as part of a "themed" gift. Both men and women are on the sock trend, so it is a great gift for both. Socks are selling well; best-selling styles include medical equipment, coffee, wine; this particular brand offers an attractive price point for big margin.

The Naked Bee, P1-3070


The Naked Bee


Natural Lip Color


Quality product that moisturizes your lips as well as provides color! A nice, resonably priced alternative to lipstick. Lightly tinted for work-appropriate freshened shine; cannot easily find brand at big box stores, as not compete with, or sell to, those types of retailers.

Tinte Cosmetics, P1-3097


Tinte Cosmetics


Vintage Lip Color & Balm


LIP LICKERS! Guaranteed that whenever women see this at your register, they will say, "remember when we had these?" Great impulse gift to keep at your cash register. Keep an eye at Market for the busy booths and signs of a large crowd; it is worth checking "the buzz" to see what products attract other buyers.

Zorbitz at Sales Producers, C1144B, C1044


Zorbitz at Sales Producers


Pop Chargers


This charger is for the hospital guest that might have forgotten theirs. Can be used intermittently to provide power to phones when they are most needed! Pre-charged charger in case of emergency for single 5 hour use; stays usable 3 year shelf life; Julie bought twice as many iPhone models as Android.

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