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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Museum Store Association Docent Product Tour Highlights




Curated by: Ione Saroyan, director of merchandise operations at New York Historical Society Museum & Library in New York & MSA board member.

Museum Stores are as unique as their institutions. Each store is central to extending the visitor's experience beyond the front doors and into the community. As members of the Museum Store Association, we are a group of professionals who are loyal to our vendors and we willingly share our proven sources. We love museums and we love museum stores!



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The Grommet, P1-1104

Product: Guardian® Bells 

Give the gift of good fortune; maker Adam Hizme, a second-generation jeweler, creates these handsome pewter bells in Arizona; designs include Star of David, breast cancer awareness, American flag, military branches, police/fire department, and animals.




Fairgoods, P1-1107

Product: Worst place ribbons 

Hilarious!; "participation ribbon" culture with sarcastic, funny awards; in today's society, we need humor and laughter.








Vestiges, P1-1219

Product: State-themed kitchen towels

Beautiful quality to withstand plenty of washes; Vestiges partners with university art students who create the designs, and the students add those designs to their portfolios; colorful, forward designs for both institutions and cities; custom commissions welcome.



IF USA, P1-1221

Product: Book fans

A practical and whimsical point of sale item; perfect for a library, gardens or history store; a modern aesthetic, but many practical and functional items that are proven best-sellers.




Modgy, P1-1208

Product: NYHS Louis C. Tiffany dragonfly design

Vases are the perfect compliment to your home, office or event; just add water and flowers to expand and create a decorative centerpiece; Modgy earned the coveted MSA Buyers Choice Award for custom design for 2017.








EDC Usborne, P1-1804

Product: Train & art books

Craft and activity art books for children; trains, planes and transportation stories, as well as art and craft activities; many options for many types of museum stores.







K&P Weaver, P1-2309

Product: Vintage baseballs

Pairs vintage baseballs with other memorabilia for themed display; company wraps compelling story around products.

Grandmother’s Buttons, P1-3011

Product: Vintage button jewelry

Nice upper middle price point for high quality fashion jewelry; pairs hundred-year-old buttons in its designs along with quality crystals from today.





Trovelore, P1-3114

Product: Silk eye masks

Designs from world-renowned artists for art museums, animals for zoos and nature centers; 100% silk and beading for an elegant higher price point.










Cavallini, P1-3509

Product: Papers/posters

Wrapping paper designs for states, vintage maps, hobbies, science; use as poster for very accessible art; wooden dowel poster hanger as add-on item.








American Design Club, P1-3504

Product: Moorea Seal scissors

Functional with special decorative elements; fresh shiny colors with dainty detail.

NUOP, P1-3609 

Product: Camera lens coffee mug

Dishwasher safe mug shaped like a camera lens, and appeals to a wide swath of customers (fans of photography, art, throwback).






NUOP, P1-3609 

Product: Magnetic light up marquee

Feature a special new item with bright call-out; uplight a dark shelf; use to advertise but also sell units.








Beyond Cushions, P1-4225

Product: City skyline pillows

Covers day and night skylines from major world cities; quality finished wool with detailed stitching; a ready keepsake souvenir.

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