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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Best of the West in Design, Caitlin Creer

Meet the Best of the West...


Welcome to our feature series spotlighting a hand-picked collection of designers that truly represent the "Best of the West," which includes West Coast designer, Caitlin Creer.

Ever since her days as a little girl building apartment houses in bookshelves for her dolls, Caitlin Creer has loved creating beautiful spaces. After studying art history in New York and Europe, she founded a design blog in 2008 that would become her link to the design community. Caitlin’s boutique firm now designs custom homes across the country from their studio in Salt Lake City, Utah. The goal of any Caitlin Creer Interiors project is to create livable and beautiful spaces that have a timeless appeal. She will be launching a textile and wallpaper collection later this year and is excited about this new endeavor to create her own signature look. We are thrilled to welcome Caitlin as part of July’s “Best of the West” panel discussion!

Read on for a sneak peek at what inspires Caitlin’s sense of West Coast style, her “must see” showrooms at Las Vegas Market, and more. Planning a trip to market in July? Meet Caitlin in person and hear more from her and the rest of our Best of the West creatives on our REstyleSOURCE Best of the West design panel!

Caitlin's West Coast Style? 


"My own style is heavily influenced by the mountain aesthetic of Utah and laid back California style, where the beach meets the mountains. I love tailored, crisp interiors with accents of natural materials and subtle color.”

"To me, West Coast style represents an organic mix between natural materials like woods, stone and metal and high style accents through beautiful textures and textures, rugs and accents of color." 

Why Does She Love Shopping Las Vegas Market?

"It's the perfect mix of resources to scout across a lot of different styles and product Las Vegas is a fun little getaway!" 

Her Favorite Market Find? 

"I feel like I have found so great new vendors in the temporaries (The Pavilions at Las Vegas Market) before, especially wall decor and art. I love stumbling upon that perfect item to complete a project, and market is a great place to do that." 

Caitlin's Must See Las Vegas Showrooms





Trends She's Eyeing at Market?

"I am always on the lookout for unique and unexpected items. I am currently loving items that are hand crafted or have an artisan feel to them to bring character and wrath to my client’s homes. I’m always on the lookout for amazing rugs that can set the foundation for a beautiful room, I find a lot of great vendors for vintage rugs at market as well. I would love to find some great new cabinet and bench pieces to use in client projects that I’m currently working on and I always love find new eclectic accessories from showrooms like Accent Decor and Vagabond Vintage."

Favorite Places to Stay and Dine in Las Vegas?

“Either the Wynn [shown at left] or Caesar’s Palace is usually on my list because after I’m done at market, believe it or not, I usually want to do more shopping for clothes. I also love Todd English’s Olives at the Bellagio because, if you can sit out on the deck, it has the most stunning views of the fountains."


Her Market Shopping Tips?

“Make time to visit the temporary showrooms in The Pavilions at Las Vegas Market. It’s good to plan for must-see spots, but keep in mind sometimes the best finds and way to discover new product is in the temporaries.”

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