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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Best of the West in Design, Brady Tolbert

Meet the Best of the West...


Welcome to our feature series spotlighting a hand-picked collection of designers that truly represent the Best of the West, which includes West Coast designer, Brady Tolbert.

Describing himself as “Utah-bred and adopted by L.A. just about 5 years ago,” Brady Tolbert is an interior designer and stylist who currently works full-time as the editorial director at Emily Henderson Design. In addition to this, he spends time managing his own freelance design clients, prop styling, and “hopping from flea market to flea market on any given Sunday.” His sense of design is informed by his previous study of architecture–including an internship under the illustrious Frank Gehry–and a warm, playful sense of humor. We are thrilled to welcome Brady as part of July’s Best of the West panel discussion!

Read on for a sneak peek at what inspires Brady’s sense of West Coast style, his “must see” showrooms at Las Vegas Market, and more. Planning a trip to market in July? Meet Brady in person and hear more from him and the rest of our Best of the West creatives on our REstyleSOURCE Best of the West design panel!

Brady's West Coast Style? 

“To me, the ultimate West Coast style embodies a casual effortlessness mixed with layered and relaxed textiles in a bright sun-drenched space. The furniture pieces would take cues from mid-century, boho, and classic styles forming an eclectic and casual mix.”

“In general, West Coast style is all about a casual and eclectic mix of furnishings in a neutral open space, with pops of color brought in through layered textiles and accessories.”

Why Does He Love Shopping Las Vegas Market?

“Las Vegas Market is one of the places where you can visit all your favorite vendors, makers, and brands in one space to experience the pieces in person rather than through a catalog or online. Seeing in person always helps when personally recommending a piece to a client, and it doesn’t hurt that you can do the entire process with a cocktail in your hand while you browse from showroom to showroom.”

His Favorite Market Find?

“Seeing as last year was my first year and we didn’t make it through the entire market, I am going to have to do a full walk-through this year and keep my fingers crossed that this year becomes the year of ‘Guys, I found the best piece at the Vegas market’…wish me luck!”

Brady's Must See Las Vegas Market Showrooms

Trends He's Eyeing at Market?

“I am always impressed with what all the new vendors introduce to the market each year, as a lot of them really do influence the trends. But after having the market so saturated with faux everything I am excited to see what new items are introduced with a focus on sustainability, simple finishes, and refined details.”

Favorite Places to Stay and Dine in Las Vegas?


“When in Vegas, you have to do as they do. I love being immersed in all the Strip has to offer, so staying in one of the hotels directly on the Strip is always fun. I am partial to the Cosmopolitan as it is right in the center of the Strip and all the rooms have their own balcony. Although it might be a bit cliche, I will always love eating at Todd English’s Olives (shown at left) at the Bellagio. The terrace is right on the lake and you can enjoy the fountains all night right from your table under the heated lamps.”


His Market Shopping Tips?


“The market is such an inspiring space but it is A LOT to take in so I would recommend some comfortable (but stylish) shoes, a large tote to carry catalogs/business cards in, and a portable charger to keep your phone battery going throughout the day so that you can take plenty of pics of everything that you find there.”

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