IMC_di Launch Expands Digital Tools for Industry

Three Product Streams Facilitate Buyer-Seller Connectivity


FAIRFAX, VA., (Feb. 25, 2020) – Following a successful introduction during the January markets, IMC_di, the new digital innovation division of International Market Centers (IMC), now focuses on integration and staffing for business acceleration. With two existing product streams – sales and marketing software and market enhancing tools – and a new digital marketplace set to launch by year-end, IMC_di bridges physical and digital markets with tools to make buyer-seller relationships more productive.

“Regardless of where buyers and sellers connect – at the markets, on the road, or online – IMC_di helps make the relationships more productive,” said IMC_di President Eric Dean. “Our team and technology, combined with IMC’s reach and resources, enables us to expand digital tools that will create rapid evolution for the gift, home and apparel industries.”

IMC_di was created in January 2020 through IMC’s concurrent acquisitions of two best-in-class technology companies: Pharos (formerly a division of Whereoware), a purpose-built sales, marketing and commissioning system; and RepZio, a patented business-to-business sales solution and digital marketplace.  Together, the two companies form a solid foundation for IMC_di, with an existing base of 600+ vendors, thousands of sales representatives and millions of SKUs.

Software & Foundational Tools Currently Available

With the acquisitions of Pharos and RepZio, IMC_di now offers a full suite of integrated sales and marketing software and market enhancing tools, both of which are currently available, by subscription, to industry suppliers.

Designed to facilitate sales and marketing connections, existing software modules include sales scanning apps, product management and email tools, CRM systems and e-commerce websites. Smart showroom tools, which are designed to enhance the at-market experience, include badge scanning, data capture and sales tools. These offerings, which are modular and flexible depending on business needs and budgets, are available to the industry at large, with special tiered pricing for IMC exhibitors.

Long-time Pharos customer, Adam Schrier, president of Creative Co-Op, said, “We are excited to find ways to work with IMC_di to support, bolster and grow our highly successful go-to-market business model which is comprised of showrooms, sales representatives, customer service and B2B websites. With IMC_di leadership’s 75+ collective years of industry experience, we believe the company will build solutions that benefit everyone: our company, our retailers, our sales representatives and the industry overall.”

“RepZio’s app-based ordering program has been a game changer for our shows and for our reps,” said Brad Gullion, vice president sales and marketing, of Melrose International. “RepZio has continually grown our business at the shows and on the road for many years. Now, with IMC_di’s backing, I think this will be a whole new era that I'm excited to be a part of.”

Digital Marketplace Launches by Year-End

Designed to bridge physical and digital markets, IMC_di’s new digital marketplace facilitates customer acquisition, product discovery and sales transactions. The new B2B platform enhances buyer-seller relationships: Vendors reach new buyers, capture leads and grow sales; Retailers and designers source and shop.

“The digital marketplace allows buyers and sellers to connect and transact 52 weeks a year and meets buyers wherever and whenever they want to engage,” said Dean. “As the influence of digital continues to grow, IMC_di is developing software and solutions which contribute to the health and vitality of our entire industry.”

Through its physical markets in Atlanta, Las Vegas and High Point, IMC already connects 14,000 suppliers with hundreds of thousands of buyers annually. In addition, traffic to the market websites engages 3 million unique visitors annually. The new digital marketplace, which will be offered to IMC customers, as well as to the industry at large, extends the buyer-seller relationship beyond the realm of physical tradeshows.

“I am excited about the launch because it’s not a start up from ground zero. IMC already has the best lists and customer engagement required to make this a success,” said Marisa Lytle, vice president of consumer engagement/e-commerce for DEMDACO. “I do believe that IMC_di is going to help bridge physical and digital markets by providing the omni channel experience that buyers are looking for today.”

Integration & Staffing To Accelerate Growth

As IMC_di enters its second month, an immediate focus for the nascent company is the hire of 50 new developers, implementers, marketers, and customer success professionals to help accelerate business growth.

Details about career opportunities in IMC_di’s offices in Juno Beach, FL, and Chantilly, VA, are available online at

“IMC_di’s leadership is FROM the Industry, which gives us a competitive advantage in building and delivering digital tools FOR the Industry,” said Dean. “We are focused on enhancing not disrupting, and as such our team will create solutions that are in synch with existing channels of buyer-seller connections.”

About IMC_di: IMC Digital Innovations (IMC_di) is a stand-alone division of International Market Centers (IMC), the world’s largest operator of premier showroom space for the home furnishings, gift, and apparel industries. Launched in January 2020, IMC_di will build an industry-changing platform including a global B2B e-commerce marketplace, a full suite of integrated marketing and sales automation software and smart showroom tools. With bold people and bold ambitions — and by investing as much as $100 million — IMC_di will change and grow the industries IMC serves.


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