Summer 2021 Trends


Sunny is up and novelties are sweet in EARLY TO RISE, a casual vignette filled with housewares, small appliances, tabletop, gourmet, dining furniture, and decorative accessories. EARLY TO RISE is family- and wellness-focused and filled with bright colors. Look for PANTONE’s co-color of the year, Illuminating 13-0647, as well as upbeat blues, purples, and rosy pinks. Charming novelty patterns and motifs, including citrus, florals, and animals, dress up the display; meanwhile, sweet and savory treats and captivating fragrances offer seasonal temptations. presents product pictorials that cross all categories at Las Vegas Market. Exclusive color timelines add context to 2021’s marquee hues.


Abstract patterns, translucent materials, neon lights, iridescent finishes, shimmery metallics … SPECIAL EFFECTS presents patterns and surface treatments that appear to have been created over time by natural forces, or shaped by human hands, or the result of chemical reactions. Focus categories include LED lighting, decorative accessories, housewares, textiles, area rugs, and upholstery. Bonus coverage: tech-inspired rainbow palettes.


FIRST LOOK hones in on what home means to the post-pandemic consumer. Meanwhile, pent-up demand for travel, vacation, and experience grows with each passing sunset. FIRST LOOK breaks down timely data to understand how consumers are spending and plan to spend discretionary dollars in the months and years ahead. An efficient, shared living space decorated with a mix of materials and transitional styling is the backdrop for HOME & AWAY. 

’80s BEATS

Eighties-era influences span all product segments at Las Vegas Market, from curvy upholstery and expressionist accessories to vintage handbags and lip balm. Both modern and vintage in mood, ’80s BEATS presents bright colors, pronounced contrasts, and sweet pastels across all categories.

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