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September 28, 2017

Gifts and Dec: Top Visual Merchandising Displays

Anne-Marie Earl, Managing Editor, Gifts and Dec

Several displays spotted at Las Vegas Market caught the attention of Gifts and Decorative Accessories Managing Editor, Anne-Marie Earl, and enticed her to look a little closer. Read on to learn more about some of her favorite visual merchandising displays from Summer Market and discover how you can incorporate these ideas into your store!

Featured Exhibitors

Just like retailers, vendors are constantly reinventing themselves at markets, hoping to attract new customers to their wares. But unlike many retailers, vendors have the budget to hire cutting-edge designers to re-imagine their showroom spaces. If you attended Las Vegas Market, you likely left inspired to try something new with your displays. If you didn’t make it to Las Vegas, this countdown is for you. Below are the top product displays we spotted that we think your customers will love.

Eight Mood in the Fine Lines showroom, C1023, C1024

Overflowing With Cozy
In Scandinavian design, less is more, but not in Eight Mood. This vendor combines the minimalist aesthetic of Europe and the “more is more” philosophy of the U.S., to create an abundance of complementary colors and patterns that spill off of shelves and out of baskets, onto the floor, leaving the showroom looking comfortable, yet lived in.

Eight Mood in the Fine Lines showroom, C1023, C1024

Bloomingville in the Ivystone showroom, C676

The holiday products from Bloomingville are an understated take on seasonal décor, so to call attention to their holiday line, Bloomingville displayed their collection in shadowboxes shaped like a Christmas tree. It attracted so many retailers that we had to wait a considerable time to snap this photo!

Bloomingville in the Ivystone showroom, C676

Bops Jewelry & Accessories in the Just Got 2 Have It! showroomC1012

Outside the Box
Bops’ display in the Just Got 2 Have It! showroom had plenty of clever vendors to compete with, but the hot pink bike and bright garland hanging above the product commanded our attention. It was unexpected and we just had to get closer to see more. The bike may seem out of left field at first, but it was youthful and fun, just like their product.

Bops Jewelry & Accessories in the Just Got 2 Have It! showroom, C1012


Vertical Space
If retailers forgot about the annual obsession with pumpkin spice, Illume’s seasonal display reminded them with good use of color and vertical space. The leaves dangled as if they were falling, and the smell lured us closer. A natural element, whether wood, leaves, flowers or artificial grass, can attract fall-loving customers.

Illume, C185

Mud Pie in the OneCoast showroom, C801, C916

From the Ceiling
Collectibles in Mud Pie’s location were displayed in a way that was hard to miss! What looked like a chandelier at first glance was actually an array of engraved spoons, which make for a great add-on sale for any occasion

Mud Pie in the OneCoast showroom, C801, C916

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