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December 04, 2017

Ahead of the Curve

Kate Bergeron

As Seen in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Twice a year, thousands of interior designers come to Las Vegas Market to explore the latest furniture, home décor and gift products from over 4,000 exhibitors.

Luxe Interiors + Design partnered with Las Vegas Market's signature "Ahead of the Curve" program to present a panel discussion that showcased an exclusive preview of the hottest new trends and designs in home furnishings and décor featuring four interior designers, and moderated by Luxe's Style Editor, Kate Bergeron. Meet the designers!

Julia Buckingham

Julia Buckingham

Buckingham Interiors + Design

Benjamin Johnston

Benjamin Johnston

Benjamin Johnston Design

Ron Woodson & Jamie Rummerfield

Ron Woodson & Jamie Rummerfield

Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design
Los Angeles

Trend One

Palecek, C498

Imperfect is the New Perfect

Imperfect elements in design have become more of a movement than just a trend. These intentional details often speak toward a style of casual elegance, which can be seen in the Sabine Coco Mirror from Palecek. Plus, this is seen in materials too. Benjamin Johnston from Benjamin Johnston Design noted that, "I am seeing materials and timeworn textures that appeal to this sense of transience." The way some materials age naturally and transition the style of a piece plays on the idea of 'Wabi Sabi', a traditional Japanese aesthetic that is centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

Trend Two

Oly Studio, C596D

90’s Simplicity

The trend of 90’s simplicity gives a nod to the past with the flair of the future. The return to simplicity is more about the overall look, and not just focused on individual pieces. The pared down vibe reads as smart, chic and subversively modest, from sensual shapes to luscious materials like silk and velvet. This chair from Oly Studio highlights a simple design that is amplified with accessories. Jamie Rummerfield from Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design explains that, “The simplicity of color— especially nudes and beige—have a richness to them that elevates the materials used.”

Trend Three

Arteriors, C379

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals have been trending for years, but there is a resurgence of golds, brasses, bronzes and even chrome, being used in strong, clever ways. Ron Woodson from Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design shared his views, noting that, “There’s something very contemporary and cool about the combinations of chromes, golds, silvers—it all reads especially chic”. Pieces such as the Gatsby Cocktail Cabinet from Jay Jeffers for Arteriors features shades of chrome and gold with a unique twist of the texture and construction. This is yet another opportunity to acquire a unique, harder-to-come-by piece due to the mixed metal allure.

Trend Four

Feizy, C180

Flora + Fauna

The bold uses of flora and fauna in fabric and wallcoverings feels extremely fresh. An installation of giant, moody flowers as a wallcovering—as seen in this piece from Feizy—creates a bold statement for any room. Julia Buckingham from Buckingham Interiors + Design adds that, “What I’m seeing is more original and unexpected, and even if the pattern is vintage, it still feels very ‘of-the-time’.” Similarly, using one fabric on multiple pieces offers an homage to a more traditional design principal – but by using a modern or vintage print on a low-slung sofa, the concept becomes more forward and smart.

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