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Summer Market | New Dates   Aug 30 – Sept 3

Mommy 101: Products that Make Life with Kids Easier

Hearthsong’s Cotton Canvas Teepee with LightsLas Vegas Market is a virtual candy store for interior designers. But as a mom, I also found the Market to be a place where I can get innovative products for my home that help make life with two energetic boys much easier! Here are a few of my favorites.

I love keeping a neat home, and that can be a challenge with kids and their high energy levels. It’s helped that I found a versatile product at Market that creates a “space within a space” my boys can call their own. Hearthsong’s Cotton Canvas Teepee with Lights is the perfect way for me to give my boys their special place where they can keep toys, tell stories to each other, take naps and be away in their own imaginations. Its versatility allows me to use it outside in the yard where they can play with their friends. Or, I can set it up in a corner of our den to keep an eye on them. We all love it!

Lidded Polar Bear Basket by MBARE Ltd.To keep things organized in my home, I love utilizing baskets for toys and other items. The Mbare, LTD Lidded Polar Bear Baskets I found at Market work perfectly for my black and white home decor! They’re as functional as they are adorable. My boys have names for each of the bear baskets. That has made it easier to reference where things go: toys go in Tommy bear, clothes go in Charlee bear, etc. Want to make putting things away enjoyable for your kids? I guarantee these will do the trick!

Another versatile product that I found at the Market is the Giant Bowling Game. As if being a ginormous set isn’t enough, imagine seeing two toddlers try to pick up the ball and throw it with all their might! It’s a fun family game, and it provides hours of entertainment (and exercise!) for our family and friends when they come over. We have this set up inside, but we also play outside where there’s more room. Wherever you place it, prepare to giggle for hours!

New Classic Furniture’s Tamarack Bunk Rails and LadderWhen it’s finally time for bed, I feel confident about where my boys lay their heads, thanks to New Classic Furniture’s Tamarack Bunk Rails and Ladder. This bunk bed set is incredibly durable and well made. Plus, it has a charming look that’s suitable for a kids’ room, but it also has a very modern appeal that complements the rest of my home. Any interior designer’s goal is to create a kid’s room that is user friendly for tots and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This bunk bed set does exactly that, and the safety rails put my mind at ease when the kids go down for the night.

These are just a few products that I found at Las Vegas Market that have helped make my life as a mom so much easier. I encourage all moms to take a look at what the Market has to offer their families and homes!


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