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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

First Impressions are Everything: Designers Who Call LVDC Home

Many retailers and designers are familiar with the buildings that make up World Market Center, home to Las Vegas Market. However, WMC is also home to the Las Vegas Design Center, a year-round resource for furniture, art and home décor, and even kitchen & bath products. The convenience of LVDC is part of what inspired several designers to choose the location for their business offices. We selected three designers to participate in an exclusive interview. Hear from Sue Conboy, Statement of Style; Debraé Little, Debraé Little Interiors; and Kristin Cenname-Calderón, The Idea Room about why they decided to set up shop at World Market Center.

Why did you decide to set up your office space within LVDC?



Las Vegas Design Center was a natural choice when I was selecting an office space. I love the idea of being in the center of the Las Vegas design world, and especially liked the idea of being surrounded by key designers. Another advantage was the opportunity to create my own office space!



LVDC is center of the Las Vegas Design Universe, where else would I be? I'm surrounded by in house resources from fabric to furnishings, design inspiration, and a supportive culture that is vested in my success.



 The Las Vegas Design Center has long been the epicenter for creativity in design. Personally, I’ve always looked to the Design Center for inspiration, and to now have the opportunity to pass that energy and excitement off to my clients is a dream come true! Being able to meet my client at the design center, discuss their vision in our office, and then be able to go next door to visit the dozens of manufacturers that we have at our fingers tips, gives The Idea Room the ability to continually exceed our clients expectations.   


As a designer, you work with a variety of clients. How does LVDC support your sourcing needs?



Having been in the business for years, I appreciate the spectrum of resources offered by the LVDC. While much sourcing can be done online, I love the opportunity to walk through showrooms and try furniture, see art up close, and touch fabrics and wallpaper before ordering. We definitely like being partners with local showrooms and salespeople.



Shopping the showrooms with a client, not only enhances their experience by allowing them to see, touch and envision items in their space, it thereby helps to solidify design direction, and makes selection and purchases possible within one space without having to travel anywhere.



The strength of the LVDC is that it is a melting pot for people with all levels of experience in design. This mirrors the clientele of The Idea Room, in that my clients are not cookie cutter. Now I’m able to provide a platform to my clients that allows me to fuse my experience, their innovativeness, and the vast resources available in the Design Center. They will literally be able to see, touch and feel things that previously were only in their imaginations or on a blueprint.   


What is your favorite part of working at LVDC?



My favorite part of working at the LVDC is definitely the inspiration! I have sold several pieces that I first viewed in LVDC showrooms - that’s great for design and for business! Statement of Style has been warmly welcomed by everyone at the LVDC, it’s a pleasure to work here!



I like the convenience of a work and shop space, as well as the comradery offered at the LVDC.



Everything centers around the experience that I can offer to my clients. The LVDC provides a platform that gives my clients the confidence in knowing that they will be working with the best. The access to Manufacturers that I’ve been able to deepen as a result of my partnership with the LVDC allows me to provide the clients of The Idea Room, a service level that is unmatched.    



Here's a full list of design firms that office in LVDC:


  • Debraé Little Interiors
  • Casafina West
  • Edesigns
  • I-Amagine
  • Interior Motives
  • Loni M. Designs
  • Statement of Style
  • The Idea Room
  • Interior Motives

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