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Summer Market | New Dates   Aug 30 – Sept 3, 2020

Best of the West: Nicole Salceda

This summer, the Best of the West will be at Las Vegas Market! Come and meet a brand new group of some of today’s top talents in interior design and retail, and join us for an engaging panel discussion with them on what’s new in “West Coast Style”! As a sneak preview of what’s to come, we peeked behind the curtain with each of our Best of the West influencers to see what West Coast style means to them, and what trends they’re most looking forward to exploring this season and into 2020. Read on for features showcasing each of our panelists, and don’t miss the Best of the West panel on Sunday, July 28 for an even more in-depth discussion. We’ll see you at market!

Nicole Salceda is a Bay Area Designer best known for her bright and neutral California aesthetic. Her ability to put her unique spin on classic elements makes her one of the most sought-after designers in her area. Nicole's work has been featured in Rue Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and The Haven List, among others. Nicole truly believes there is nowhere like home, and feels blessed to be able to create a sense of home for her clients.

West Coast Style is… “Light, organic, layered & understated.”


Bedroom with textured textiles and loads of layers and natural elements designed by Bay Area designer Nicole Salceda

Nicole's "West Coast Style" in Four Pieces


  • Linen sofa

  • Reclaimed wood table

  • Vintage rug

  • Camel sling chair

Upcoming Trends She’s Eyeing at Market


I am loving the transition to warmer tones and elements. For a long time everything was monochromatic and gray (which I still like) but it’s shifting to more muted, rich colors and deeper hues. We are seeing a lot of curves and arches, which are a swing from the very straight lines and sharp corners in the past.

Favorite Timeless Trend


A neutral color palette! It provides a base that will always be timeless.

Living room filled with basic neutrals and loads of texture designed by Bay Area designer Nicole Salceda


Top Four Materials for Next Season


  • Slate

  • Linen

  • Jute

  • Steel

Top Four Palettes for Next Season


  • Rust

  • Stone

  • Pewter

  • Cream

Product Picks


Selection of home furnishings products curated by Bay Area designer Nicole Salceda


  1. Muted Hues - Noir, C399, Horizontal Ghost Table Lamp

  2. Natural Fibers - Palecek, C498, Cameron Lounge Chair

  3. Warm Linens - Pom Pom at Home, C506, Montauk Throw in Natural

  4. Rich Colors - Loloi Rugs, A224-04, B462, B471, B480, B482, Layla Rug in Olive/Charcoal

  5. Curves and Arches - Noir, C399, Hourglass Stool, Fiber Cement

Bright white kitchen with marble counter tops and sky lights designed by Nicole Salceda from the Bay Area

Best Thing About the Las Vegas Market Experience


Vegas has a vibe all its own, and it carries over into the market experience. Meeting up with my designer friends, networking, attending all the events and seeing the latest in design… you can’t beat it!

Best Ever Find at Market


We stumbled upon an amazing vendor in the Pavilions with the most beautiful pieces. They had everything you need to elevate your space and take it to the next level--from vintage Persian rugs and glass beads to yummy textiles and antique plaster bowls. Accessories and textiles are what make a house a home.

Bedroom designed with natural elements and full of textured and well-layered textiles

How Important is it to See Items in Person?


It’s really important. Feeling the material, sitting on furniture, seeing the scale in person all helps educate you which in turn educates your clients on the items they are purchasing. It gives you confidence as a designer knowing you can stand behind your vendors and products.

Shopping List or No List?


It depends. I usually spend the first day with no agenda, perusing the showrooms, enjoying some cocktails and mingling with friends. The next couple days are spent sourcing for clients and expanding our catalogue of inventory. Much like shopping for clothes, I usually find the more you look for something, the more you end up empty handed. I like to go with a general idea of what I want and then have an open mind ready to be inspired by what I see.

White shell inlay console table with leather strap bench style seat and oversized circular mirror designed by Bay Area designer Nicole Salceda

Market Shopping Tips for First-Timers


Do some research beforehand. Plan out your must see showrooms and map out what buildings they are in. Look at the schedule of events and seminars for market and pencil those into your itinerary. Plan to meet up with a few designer friends during and after for dinner so you can talk shop. Oh, and pack comfortable shoes and bandaids. People warn you but there is A LOT of ground to cover and you will be exhausted at the end of each day!

Favorite Places to Stay/Dine in Las Vegas


I don’t spend a ton of time in Vegas outside of market, but one thing I love to do is eat! There are so many amazing restaurants I rarely visit the same one twice!

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