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Summer Market | New Dates   Aug 30 – Sept 3, 2020

Best of the West: Erica Bryen

This summer, the Best of the West will be at Las Vegas Market! Come and meet a brand new group of some of today’s top talents in interior design and retail, and join us for an engaging panel discussion with them on what’s new in “West Coast Style”! As a sneak preview of what’s to come, we peeked behind the curtain with each of our Best of the West influencers to see what West Coast style means to them, and what trends they’re most looking forward to exploring this season and into 2020. Read on for features showcasing each of our panelists, and don’t miss the Best of the West panel on Sunday, July 28 for an even more in-depth discussion. We’ll see you at market!

Erica Bryen is the owner and head designer of Erica Bryen Design in Newport Beach. In addition to designing beautiful homes for her discerning clients, she is the buyer for the Designers Resource Collection at its Orange County location. Erica is best known for combining styles, designing custom furniture, and creating one-of-a-kind spaces that are always exclusive--no two projects will ever look the same. When it comes to style, Erica is skilled at mixing different materials, varying her techniques, and using bold color choices and artwork whenever possible.


West Coast Style is… “Sophisticated and clean, but relaxed and comfortable.”


Dark and moody living room with patterned and textured upholstery designed by Erica Bryen

Erica's "West Coast Style" in Four Pieces


  • Bold barstool

  • Sculptural but comfortable outdoor seating

  • Asymmetrical pendant light

  • Large swivel club chair

Upcoming Trends She’s Eyeing at Market


I am loving using bold colors and graffiti art in my projects. I think future trends might skew away from the “coastal, all-white look” into darker palettes – which we are already seeing in kitchens, powder rooms, and bold bedroom accent walls. 

Favorite Timeless Trend


Anything that is sophisticated and elegant will always be seen as timeless – and there will always be a client looking for this style.

Classic kitchen with muted neutrals and barstools that add a sharp pop of color to the space designed by Erica Bryen


Top Four Materials for Next Season


  • Fabrics with texture & depth 

  • Matte Finishes 

  • Oxidized Oak 

  • Bold Wallpaper

Top Four Colors for Next Season


  • Black

  • Yellow

  • White

  • Anything bright & bold

Product Picks


Selection of home furnishings products curated by Newport Beach designer Erica Bryen


  1. Texture - Natural Curiosities, C596A, Feather Dimensional Pattern 2

  2. Deeper Color Palettes - Four Hands, A140, Jack Leather Rocker

  3. Matte Finishes - Arteriors, C379, Autero Mirror

  4. Black Accents - Vanguard Furniture Company, A132, McCartney Chair


Bold living room with emerald green upholstery and accents complete with a beautiful geometric patterned rug and gold light fixture and accents designed by Erica Bryen, Newport Beach, CA

Best Thing About the Las Vegas Market Experience


It is awesome to be at a place that has the best in home and design furnishings and accessories under one roof, and you can see it all in a two-day experience. For a designer, having two days of shopping without any distractions is a luxury, and so needed for upcoming/future projects.

Best Ever Find at Market


There are so many incredible items  I have found at market, but I always love shopping at Four Hands because it is the best bang for your buck – and they have so many cool pieces you can’t find anywhere else!

Beachy west coast office space complete with natural elements and edgy artwork and wallcovering designed by Newport Beach designer Erica Bryen

How Important is it to See Items in Person?


It is extremely important to see products in person so that you can see, touch, and feel. I buy a lot in person so that I have the chance to see the quality and design up close. It’s great knowing exactly what you are going to get, versus just buying it off the internet and not being 100% sure what is going to be delivered!

Shopping List or No List?


A little of both. I will have a list of things I am looking for that are specific to my clients’ projects, but also open to see everything they have and take each day as it goes.

Beautiful living space with large windows allowing for plenty of natural light and white furniture with subtle accents designed by Newport Beach designer Erica Bryen

Market Shopping Tips for First-Timers


I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and clothes. It’s a very long day. Try to take one building at a time rather than trying to jump from one store to another.

Favorite Places to Stay/Dine in Las Vegas



I love to explore fun, new restaurants with friends and fellow designers, and I love to go out dancing once in a while, too!

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