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Winter Market   Jan. 26-30th, 2020

Get Ahead of the Curve with Luxe Interiors + Design


Ahead of the Curve in Partnership with Luxe


Retailers and interior designers looking to get "Ahead of the Curve" will see an exclusive preview of the hottest new trends and designs in home furnishings and décor from today's top designers this summer.

Las Vegas Market's signature Ahead of the Curve program will present another exciting lineup in an intimate and engaging panel discussion with Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Design, Julia Buckingham, launching her West Coast Division of Buckingham Interiors + Design in Phoenix, Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield of Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design and Kate Bergeron, Style Editor at Luxe Interiors + Design, as moderator.

With a refreshed look and a West-Coast designer focus, Summer Market's program is poised to offer a one-of-a kind experience that will provide designer insights, recommendations, client experiences and a Q&A session. (0.15 CEU)

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Kate Bergeron: Style Editor at Luxe Interiors + Design, New York

Kate Bergeron is the New York City-based Style Editor at Luxe Interiors + Design. She studied art, worked in marketing and PR for home and shelter companies, took a summer away in Provincetown, Massachusetts, freaked out about her future for a minute, and then serendipitously ended up at Luxe in 2015. She’s still waxing poetic about life on the regular but is extremely happy surrounding herself with the beautiful product, talent and kind people in this industry. She’s been rearranging her room since she was seven, which also explains a lot. Kate has an affinity for Brooklyn, various shades of nude and black, Joni Mitchell, and a perfect dirty martini.

Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield: Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design, Los Angeles


"We've always found incredible, undiscovered furniture and lighting lines,as well as spectacular table top accessory companies at Las Vegas Market. In addition to shopping for furnishings, we always love finding unique styling details such as stunning drapery hardware, exquisite bed linens, beautiful stemware and more. We've also witnessed many trends evolve at the show, from the wave of linen fabric upholstery and French napkin trends, to bold ethnic rug collections and hospitality quality furnishings. We're always surprised by our new finds each season. Don't miss a thing and map out the World Market Center and allow for extra time to explore. You're guaranteed to always find something. Truly, Las Vegas Market is a smart design resource with so much to offer for a whole design project."

Benjamin Johnston: Benjamin Johnston Design, Houston


"Las Vegas Market is an incredible opportunity for me to get inspired by the 'new,' the 'now,' and the 'next' wave of talented designers and artisans from around the world."



Julia Buckingham: Buckingham Interiors + Design, Chicago & Phoenix


"I love Vegas market! There is always some new discovery right around the corner there. This year I hope to stumble upon some really chic and unique lighting. I am looking for something vintage meets French meets modern meets sleek... Modernique? And I am also excited to see new textiles and bedding, looking for rich fabrics for fall projects. And funky art please...see you there!"

Keynote Ahead of the Curve Seminar                                 Join a Tastemaker Tour
Tuesday, August 1, 2017                                                            Sunday 2:30-3:30
10:00am - 11:30am                                                                     Sunday 4:00-5:00
Building B, WorldView on Sixteen                                            Monday 2:30-3:30
See Event Details >                                                                     Monday 4:00-5:00

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