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June 20, 2017

Maximize Your Productivity (& ROI!) When Shopping Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market is a significant commitment in terms of time and resources: days away from your store, staff to cover in your absence, the expense of traveling. So how does a buyer ensure a productive and prosperous visit that returns on this significant investment?

Here are helpful best practices if you are new to buying OR shopping Las Vegas Market for the first time. These tips will also be useful for experienced buyers, as reminders how to best maximize your tradeshow experience. What is the best advice you'd offer a fellow buyer?

After Market Planning Tips

  • Take what you've learned back to your store. Host a staff meeting. Get your team excited about what you've seen, new tactics to implement, or the stories behind what product will be shipped to your store. Bring the Las Vegas Market experience home!

  • Follow up with all of your wonderful new contacts. "Like" the Facebook pages of stores you will strive to emulate. Stay connected with fellow buyers to share what's working. And just as importantly, what isn't! Actively build your retail network.

  • Mark merchandise arrivals on calendar: “Determine a ship date with the vendor for when you want to receive the product. Stage your shipments so they don’t all arrive at the same time. Be specific regarding cancellation dates so that product doesn’t come too late for an event or holiday,” says Shields.

Here is your time "off the island" that can be your store. The day-to-day sometimes becomes a lonely place. That's where Las Vegas Market can inspire you for new ideas and re-engage you in your business. Return refreshed to build, grow and prosper your store!

Tommy Lee Brown, St. Louis Zoo in St. Louis, MO elaborates, "If you think 'I can just go to a regional show,' that is not true. Go to a BIG show. Expand your horizons. Go in locations you would never usually go. Be surprised how it opens your mind!"

Stay Connected All Year Long!

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