@Market App 101: Tips and Tricks for LVMKT and @Market App

Are you counting down the days to Las Vegas Market, but aren’t sure how to begin preparing for your trip? No worries - we have you covered. Chrissy Jones of Twenty-Eighth Design Studio took a trip down memory lane and shared all the lessons she learned from Winter Market, so you can easily navigate the busy days ahead – including how to use your personal Market assistant, the @Market App! Keep reading to discover all of Chrissy’s insider tips and tricks!
  1. Pack Light
Chrissy’s first lesson - forgo the heavy bags and pack light for easier navigation! While the Las Vegas campus is incredibly walkable, there is plenty to see and source throughout our buildings. Chrissy shared how she, “had an incredible time last year, but let's be honest, as a first-timer, it can get overwhelming. I was carrying two heavy bags, and rushing from floor to floor trying to locate my favorite showrooms and events." While it’s tempting to pack a heavy bag that holds your laptop, catalogs, and other materials, you won’t have much time to refer to them throughout the day if you have multiple showroom appointments. Skip the big tote and downsize to a manageable bag like a fanny pack or small satchel. It can store your phone, wallet, keys, chargers, business cards, and other small items to keep you powered through the day. Plus, you’ll have everything you need for your showroom appointments on @Market App. The app will be the ultimate digital assistant to your Market experience! Bonus Tip: Comfort is key at Market! Besides ditching heavy bags, opt for your most supportive shoes. You can style them to match your daily outfit, but the right shoes are key. Your feet will thank you!
  1. Map Your Market Route
Save yourself some stress and map out your must-see showrooms and Market route ahead of time. Last Winter, Chrissy spent time racing from floor to floor to find her favorite showrooms and events – which is no easy feat, especially when you are in a different part of campus! Rather than making a mental or paper list of where you need to go, map your route ahead of time. Our brand new @Market App is the best way to remember your must-see showrooms and navigate campus and is going to be the ultimate navigation tool for Chrissy and other buyers this summer. After you download the app and activate your account, head to the enhanced brand directory to start searching and saving showrooms to your Market Plan. You can sort by building, name, date added, and even do a custom sort! Once you arrive at Market, you can refer to this list throughout the trip to keep track of your plan and use the in-app GPS navigation to get around campus. 
  1. Snap and Keep Photos Organized with @Market App
Finally, Chrissy learned that creating your own digital catalog of photos is no easy feat. “I was frantically taking photos, trying to create a digital catalog on my iPad. But once the excitement faded, and I was back at the office, I realized I lacked organization. It was a mess!" While it’s tempting to create your own catalog or photo albums of products like Chrissy did last Market, it’s hard to remember where you’ve been – let alone organize all those product photos. Instead of trying to create your own, the @Market App does all the work for you, so you never forget what you did or where you went! Each showroom and booth have an @Market App sign on the floor of its entrance. Right when you arrive, scan it with the app. From there, you can learn more about the exhibitor, and use the in-app camera to snap and save favorite product photos - even take notes! Best of all, all your photos are automatically saved and organized by showroom on your phone. Say goodbye to a confusing camera roll and hello to organized images!
  1. Stay on Track with @Market App
With so many showrooms to visit, events to attend, and people to meet, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The @Market App is here to keep you organized and at ease throughout your experience. Think of it as your digital guide to all things Market! You can skip missing essential Market moments and have everything you need in one place. The app has so many incredible features designed to help Market newbies and seasoned pros each day at Market. @Market App helps with
  • Quick and Easy Badge Pickup
  • The Scan & Go QR code helps you bypass the long registration line and get sourcing sooner! Just open the app to pull up your code, get scanned in, and grab your badge!
  • Brand Search and Discovery
  • Say hello to intentional searching with the new brand directory. Access essential showroom information, save your favorite exhibitors, and keep track of everyone in one central location.
  • Scan, Snap, and Save
  • The in-app camera lets you scan @Market App signs outside of exhibitor showrooms to get all the essential details. From there, snap and save all your favorite products.
  • In-App Navigation
  • The GPS feature offers turn-by-turn navigation that helps you get around Market quickly.
  • Post-Market Recap
  • After Market ends, you can access everything you capture through the Market Plan. There you can see the showrooms you’ve scanned, photos and notes, and connect directly with brands. Keeping track of your Market activity has never been easier.
Between Chrissy’s valuable lessons, and the amazing @Market App, you can avoid missing a moment of Market! Learn more and download the app today! * App available on iOS only. Android users should visit LasVegasMarket.com for a mobile-friendly web experience.
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