Source and Discover the Newly Expanded Stephen Young Showroom


When asked about his decision to expand, Young says, “The Book Room is currently 8,000 sq. ft. and for July we are adding another 4,000 sq. ft. At 12,000 sq. ft, the Book Room will be the largest books-only showroom in the country. We draw our customers from everywhere, and new customers are so excited to be able to buy through such a venue. Our books are organized by publisher and subject, and the additional space will make it possible to accommodate more books.” Customers will be able to walk throughout the larger space and have more opportunities to explore and engage with product. In the Book Room, all buyers have the opportunity to see individual book covers and flip through the illustrated pages as they browse. The increased square footage allows buyers to discover titles like never before and provides the perfect atmosphere to discover new product and place orders effectively.

Other exciting expansions include the Home Room's additional 2,000 square feet for Summer Market, increasing buyers' opportunities to both source and be inspired by the various product offerings ranging from luxury personal care, personal accessories, children’s apparel and accessories, candles, decorative accessories, and so much more. Customers can look forward to exploring new lines when they walk through the doors this summer. “We are adding Chehoma, which is a Belgian-based line of wonderful European accessories and small furniture,” says Young.

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