Exciting Summer Expansions at Fine Lines


With the additional 8,000 square feet on C11, Fine Lines expanded presence provides more opportunities for discovery, exploration, and experiences, bringing additional energy and opportunity to the floor. CEO Mathew Katzenson shares, “We've always really been successful at creating great energy at Market. There's music, there's food. There is a lot of congeniality and a lot of connection. That energetic piece is a real cornerstone of the experience that we like to create during Market for our customers, and for our vendors and reps.”

Buyers can look forward to entering a captivating atmosphere that embraces the surrounding desert environment of Las Vegas. The space will utilize colors and décor of the surrounding environment, incorporating a mix of murals, art, and nature. Additional entertainment, food, and beverage will be part of the sourcing experience for buyers, providing authentic moments that embrace the energy and fun of Las Vegas Market.

Retailers and designers can look forward to several exciting product debuts, including ten new brands spanning multiple categories. Some product lines come from U.K. and Europe, creating more opportunities for customers to discover emerging brands during their visit. Additionally, several in-showroom experiences will be available for by-appointment customers that focus on product merchandising and customer service. These experiences are intentionally designed for buyers to think of new ways to provide services and experiences within their retail environment.

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