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Make It Personal!

“Develop the best customer service and staff ever. People are attracted to smiling, friendly, happy and informed people. Your customer will remember how they are treated in your store (good or bad!). Where they recall a positive experience, they will stop to shop first.” - Lilly Stamets

“A one-on-one relationship with your customers is the biggest advantage your store has over anonymous web shopping. So in your marketing, connect with your customers:

  • Feature customers in your social media with their favorite purchases
  • Use their endorsements or testimonials in your advertising
  • Send a special invite, thank you note, or a real piece of personal mail.” - Diane Sulg



Retail BlogInteractive Store Experiences

“Give customers interesting reasons to visit your store. A place to connect with friends or make new ones. Consider ways of actively getting guests in your store.” - Non-Profit Retail Symposium

“In-store tastings, trunk shows and holidays are some 'big impact' methods that increase sales. One of the great things about working with smaller vendors, is that you can create special events for your store. Ask food vendors for samples for a tasting. Ask accessory companies about doing a trunk show, or even creating a product that is unique for you.” - Raymond McKenzie

"'Make and take' is also extremely popular. Consider cash and carry events such as:

  • Host a craft project or design class in your store, including materials
  • Beads, strands and pearls for makers to string a bracelet (little girl jewelry!)
  • Florist teaches techniques to design own arrangement or fairy terrarium.” - Non-Profit Retail Symposium



Retail BlogCompelling Promotional Ideas

“So time doesn’t get away on you, and to keep customers engaged throughout the year, consider creating in advance a yearlong calendar of themed promotions. For example: 

  • 25% discount today only
  • First 25 guests receive a gift
  • An item specially priced $25
  • Open 25 minutes sooner and/or close 25 minutes late.” - Non-Profit Retail Symposium

“Use language in your marketing that creates a sense of urgency/scarcity, such as:

  • Limited supply, one day only, 3 hours only, BOGO just for today
  • End of day sale: drop the price of an item for the last 1-2 hours of the day

Spread the merchandise announcement that you have only 36 pieces coming; offer to call, email or text the customer when the merchandise arrives.” - Lilly Stamets


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