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Bedding Byline: Dave Perry, Furniture Today

Dave Perry: Executive editor and mattress writer for Furniture Today.

Furniture Today’s David Perry has been covering the mattress industry for the better part of 30 years. As the industry gets ready for the big bedding market that unfolds in Las Vegas each January, he answers some of our questions about what the industry can expect in 2019.

What is your outlook for the January bedding market?


Perry: “In a word, busy. The January market is the springboard for the industry’s major introductions, and every major producer launches its new flagship lines there as the new year begins.

“There are more than 100 bedding producers and sleep accessories producers showing in Las Vegas, making it the strongest bedding market that I’ve ever covered. The energy at that market is incredible.”

What trends do you expect to see in Las Vegas?


Perry: “New premium bedding lines will be rolled out by bedding’s majors. Look for more hybrids, and plenty of adjustable base-friendly mattress designs, plus new adjustable bases. Cooler-sleeping mattress and sleep accessory products will be everywhere. And you can expect to see some fashion-forward looks, too.”

What kind of year should the bedding industry have in 2019?


Perry: “The industry is unsettled, which makes predictions more challenging than usual. The domestic bedding industry has been in a slump, with Chinese mattress imports soaring, but tariffs and talk of major Chinese mattress dumping duties could spark a big swing away from China. Domestic bedding producers would benefit, but other countries, like Vietnam and Mexico, could expect to see big increases in their shipments to the U.S.”

What are you watching for in 2019?


Perry: “I’m anxious to see how brick-and-mortar retailers step up their efforts to provide better customer experiences. The bedding e-tailers have given the industry a wake up call. Will the brick-and-mortar retailers respond?”

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