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August 15, 2017


Presented by: Cheryl Call, CAVS director of volunteer services at Utah Valley Hospital/Intermountain Healthcare in Provo, UT and AHVRP retail committee board member

Hospital gift shops are unique in our purpose and mission. We are fortunate to network with each other to share what is great and what works in our shops. We want our shops to be a getaway, a totally different space from a patient room. We provide patients, families, guests and staff an area to feel comfort – and items to meet their needs and/or just browse.


Find vendor website, contact information, and additional details using the Exhibitor Directory.


Dorfman Pacific, P1-3117

Product: Hats for cancer patients

Nicely lined soft hats and headbands for sensitive heads; finished seams prevent irritation; line encompasses hats for all seasons (winter to beach and beyond!).

Dorfman Pacific, P1-3117

Vim & Vigor, P1-1501

Product: Stylish compression socks

Since most customers are hospital staff, is a highly-sought product for a comfortable workday; a great way to take care of our caregivers; trendy and quality designs.

Vim & Vigor, P1-1501

Cool and Interesting, P1-2623

Product: State jewelry

Post earrings are coming back in style; coffee bean and coffee pot different posts also a trend; customers like purchasing "local" product with themes close to their hearts.

Cool and Interesting, P1-2623

Howard's Jewelry in The Hub by Carson West showroom, C1196

Product: Dazzlers

Buys entire display and consistently reorders; handy when nurse/staff forget their jewelry for quick sale; comes pre-tagged with SKU so easy to add to POS; $4 each with 3x markup; high quality CZ for great perceived value.

Howard's Jewelry in The Hub by Carson West showroom, C1196

Ooly/International Arrivals in the Kathleen Milne showroom, C1072

Product: Colorables, journals, markers

Color flat then blow up to 3D design to occupy and entertain pediatric patients; manages patients, families and guests' time with useful and creative activity.

Ooly/International Arrivals in the Kathleen Milne showroom, C1072

Emily McDowell in the Anne McGilvray showroom, C1078

Product: Empathy cards

Hospital greeting cards with witty compassion; "get well soon" not always the appropriate sentiment; acknowledges hardship head-on with phrases like award ribbon "kept going."

Emily McDowell in the Anne McGilvray showroom, C1078

D&D Distributing in the Anne McGilvray showroom, C1078

Product: Blinking ornaments

Sold out and reordered; consistently produces new fresh designs; merchandise on a rotating tree to dazzle customers.

D&D Distributing in the Anne McGilvray showroom, C1078

Ganz, C912

Product: Mistletoe ornaments with crystals

Merchandise by hanging from ceiling with hooks (also decorates your store for the holidays!); reordered and turned inventory quickly; loads of styles new for holiday 2018.

Ganz, C912

Hog Wild in the Toyology showroom, C874

Product: Stick balls

Washable; therapeutic because it encourages play: between patient and family but also to toss around at staff meetings; product extensions to stick ball to target for add-on sales.

Hog Wild in the Toyology showroom, C874

Cuddle Barn in the CMA showroom, C691

Product: Everyday and holiday animated plush

Brings happiness and delight; low minimum; actually display product moving, lit up and playing soft music to sell.

Cuddle Barn in the CMA showroom, C691

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