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Museum Store Association Docent Product Tour Highlights

September 08, 2017

Museum Stores are as unique as their institutions. Each store is central to extending the visitor's experience beyond the front doors and into the community. Members of the Museum Store Association are a group of professionals who are loyal to their vendors and willingly share their proven sources.

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Market Recap: Summer 2017

August 28, 2017

The Summer 2017 Las Vegas Market was one to remember, showcasing more than 4,000 resources in furniture, gift and home decor, as well as hundreds of product debuts, and dozens of new showroom openings.

Recap the Summer 2017 Market

High Tech Beds, Children's Decor and Whimsical Toys Galore!

August 23, 2017

If you are anything like me, or even remotely interested in Interior Design and Décor, Las Vegas Market is literally a five million+ square foot candy store! I have been coming to the Market for two years now, twice a year, and I am equally excited every time. There are always new products & lines to see, old friends to meet up with, new connections to be made, and so much to learn. With my list, notepad & camera in hand – and a pair of comfortable shoes (a must for a successful day by the way), I walked the Market. Building by building, floor by floor. Assignment: Find the best lines and products in the Juvenile Category from a Children's Interior Designer's perspective. The hardest part? Narrowing them down to seven....

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Top Gift Picks for Hospital Gift Shops

August 15, 2017

Hospital gift shops are unique in their purpose and mission. They utilize events such as Las Vegas Market to network with each other to share what is great and what works in one another's shops. They strive for their shops to be a getaway, a totally different space from a patient room by providing patients, families, guests and staff an area to feel comfort – and items to meet their needs and/or just browse.

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First Look Summer 2017: Water Signs

July 17, 2017

First Look chills out this summer in "Water Signs," an exclusive vignette you'll spot at Las Vegas Market July 30-Aug. 3 in the Grand Plaza courtyard. We're showing beach- and pool-friendly accessories and all-weather furniture that's primed for private relaxation, or outdoor fun with friends and family.

First Look: Water Signs

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