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June 06, 2017

Maximize Your Productivity (& ROI!) When Shopping Las Vegas Market

Las Vegas Market is a significant commitment in terms of time and resources: days away from your store, staff to cover in your absence, the expense of traveling. So how does a buyer ensure a productive and prosperous visit that returns on this significant investment?

Here are helpful best practices if you are new to buying OR shopping Las Vegas Market for the first time. These tips will also be useful for experienced buyers, as reminders how to best maximize your tradeshow experience. What is the best advice you'd offer a fellow buyer?

Before-Market Planning Tips

  • Carefully figure your OTB. "Develop a budget -- how much you want to spend and on what categories. It is important to do a quick inventory and put together a shopping list prior to attending market," suggests Mary Plathe, volunteer services and Gift Garden manager at Orange City Area Health System in Orange City, IA.

  • Prepare what to bring to Market. According to Plathe, "organize these materials:

✔ Shopping list: including budget with dollars divided by product category
✔ List of current vendors: so you know whether the exhibitor is a new vendor or not
✔ Credit references: vendors will require if you request terms for your initial order
✔ Address labels: including email, to ensure accurate information on order forms
✔ Stickers with credit card details: helps secure special offers, discounts and dating
✔ Purchase record: so you can reference what will arrive at your store, and when"


Buyer Tour
  • Take advantage of industry tools. Research (and consider joining) a buying association related to your store type or product categories. Sign up for trade publication newsletters. Seek out an experienced, respected buyer to mentor you. Browse pictures on social media to check out merchandise and discover new lines.

  • "Make appointments with vendors and/or sales reps. Appointments are important to overall buying strategies, but so is your time. Be selective. Set a time limit. Be polite yet firm about the amount of time and stick to it," instructs Sabra Shields, manager of gift shops at Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD. Make appointments, but also schedule significant time to wander and discover new vendors.

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